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Outliers By Malcolm Gladwell

I chose to talk aboout Malcolm Gladwell’s audio of his book Outliers because I found the topic very interesting.  I believe what he was saying was true, but there must be many exceptions to his arguments.  I say this because I was in an advanced program throughout all of highschool which consisted of the brightest students in the grade all in one classroom.  We were 30 students and had almost every class together so we became very close.  Something we always did was celebrate eachother’s birthdays by putting a sign on our lockers or signing in class and from what I can recall, our brithdays were pretty spread out.  There was no real pattern to when our birthdays were.  In fact, many of the students in my class, including myself, have birthdays in the summer, which made us the youngest in the grade.  That being said, the smartest boy in my class and in the whole school, was born in December.  So maybe there is truth to his theory and my class was just an expection or maybe it works better in sports than in education.  Many of my friends play multiple sports and, when looking at their skill level along with their birthdays, I can see a pattern.  My two friends who are expectionally skilled at soccer are born in October and December,  Because the cut-off date for soccer where I live is September, I can see a pattern starting to form.  However, my younger sister, who is born in March, is very talented in sports as well as an extemely bright student so, Gladwell’s theory works here for education but not for sports because, as I mentioned before, the cut-off date for sports is September.

So, in conclusion, I agree with Gladwell’s theory and I believe it’s a very interesting and different way at looking at the world.  However, I believe there are many exeptions to his theory that he doesn’t take into account.


About katrinapallikaris

I'm an eighteen year old Dawson student from Montreal, Quebec. Next year, I hope to be at the McGill School Of Social Work to eventually become a social worker.

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